Picture above by Tarla Walton

Upcoming Themes

 These are the themes for the issues in the next couple months. They are here so you can start researching, getting inspired and creating work for these themes. If a theme is here, then you can submit for it! However, we try to focus on just our current month's theme which is why we only share photos on our social media for only the current month's theme and if you submit for a theme that is in a couple months in the future  you may not get a response immediately. But don't worry, we will respond to every submission within a week.  Please make sure to submit through our website and not through Dropbox like before.  Make sure to check our Facebook for updates, and as always email us at submit@stubbornmagazine.com  with any questions. We can't wait to see what you create! 

October: The Halloween Issues!!! 


Photos above by Brian Cummings and Creep this Collaboration

Finally, what you have all been waiting for, The Halloween issues!!! These issues are always our biggest every year. Our first year we published two Halloween themed issues and last year we published three. Four seems impossible but we would like to try! We seem to end up always switching the themes around depending on what is submitted so this year we are going to make it easy for everyone with an OPEN THEME - literally anything Halloween themed send it our way! We will be splitting up the work into different themed issues depending on what is submitted, so if you send us work that is very different from each other it is very likely they will be published in different issues. Don't worry, when you get the tear sheets before the issue is published you will see which photos are in which issue. So YOU decide what the themes are, if we get lots of clown images, there will be a clown issue, lots of ghosts/zombies there will be an undead issue etc. The photos don't have to be terrifying and bloody, a little dark and creepy is great! 

Inspiration: witches, blood, demons, monsters, black cats, pumpkins, clown, knives, ghosts, vampires, shadows, killers, masks, costumes, slime, spiders, creepy children, 

We want you to have the chance to have the print copy of these issues by Halloween, so there will be a strict deadline of OCTOBER 22ND for these submissions