Terms & Conditions

  I do consent and agree that Stubborn Magazine and its employees or agents have the right to legally use the images I have submitted for the purpose of publication in the print form of Stubborn Magazine as well as their Facebook page, Instagram account, and website. I also consent that my name may be revealed by credit if given, or by other’s commentary.  
  By selecting "I Agree" , I am acknowledging that I am the copyright owner of the photographs or have permission from the owner to submit the pictures.  I hold myself responsible for any dispute over copyright ownership claims that can result from publication. I hereby grant Stubborn Magazine to exhibit my work and to market and sell copies of their magazines. I waive any rights I may have to control the use of my work in any way.  I understand this is not a transfer of property ownership only my permission for Stubborn Magazine to display my work.  I understand I am not entitled to any compensation including a free publication of the issue my work printed in. I will not ask for either. I allow Stubborn Magazine to crop my images to fit better in the magazine.