Picture above by Sit Zone Art.

What kind of art do you accept?

Only photography now. Heavily edited photography that may be considered digital art too.


The 25th of the month usually, 22nd for February and even earlier in December. The deadline changes depending on the month, check our social media to see when the deadline is for the theme you're interested in submitting to. 

will my work be posted anywhere Else?

Possibly! We have a Facebook, Instagram and a website  and we would love to post some work on them! If you don't want us to then that's not a problem just let us know. If we post your work and you want us to tag your Facebook/Instagram page just comment on our post and we will  tag you! 


Please do - stubbornmagazine@gmail.com

my work has already been published is that okay?

That's absolutely fine please still submit , good job for getting yourself out there! 

is there an age requirement for artists/models?

Not at all, there's way too many talented kids out there. Just make sure if you do have someone under 18 model for you that their parents are okay with the picture being published.  


No, we also can't give you a free copy of the magazine. 

So where can I BUY THE MAGAZINE?

On Magcloud.com we will post the direct link on here, our social medias, and email it to you. 

Can I see how my work is displayed in the magazine before

buying a copy?

Absolutely, just ask for a tearsheet. We will take a screen capture of your page and send it to you. 

What size do the pictures need to be?

300 DPI and at least 1000 pixels on the smallest side. 

Will you crop our pictures?

Almost every picture needs a tiny bit of a crop to fit in the magazine better. Vertical pictures will get a full 8.5 X 11 page so you can crop your picture yourself to fit the ratio or we can do it for you. Then for horizontal pictures, if the subject is far enough to the side we will give it two pages. Or we will put two horizontal pictures in a row on a page. Horizontal pictures with the subject ( or model's face)  in the middle will not get a two page spread. This is because of the bend of the pages and how they connect. They will make the subject look morphed and may cut off some of their face. Square pictures will just be placed in the center of the page and will have a white or a black border depending on what goes best with the picture. 

Is there any restrictions on Nudity in submissions?

We don't currently accept any pictures with full nudity. If something was shot nude, is tasteful, and you censor it for us, it may be considered for publication. 

Why do I have to pay a submission fee?

 Your submission payment allows us to continue to publish an international photography magazine with the focus on the artists. Your payment goes towards all the costs it takes to run Stubborn Magazine, as well as helping us upgrade our equipment to create a better monthly magazine and a smoother submission process. Mostly though it get's rid of people spamming us with submissions. We used to get 10-20 submissions a month that had nothing to do with the theme or were very inappropriate, or models would just send us every picture they have ever been in and ask us to publish the photos whenever they fit a theme. Since we started requiring a low submission fee of $3 for 10 images all the spam submissions magically stopped :) 

Can I have a discount if I buy multiple copies of the same issue?

No, we sell our issues through Magcloud and can not do that at the time. 

I Placed a wrong order/My Issue never came/ I received the wrong issue...

If your order is wrong, the easiest thing to do is cancel your order then place your correct order. When you purchase anything on Magcloud they send you a confirmation email, on that email there should be a "Cancel my order" link. If you did not recieve your order or have a different problem please contact Magcloud at http://www.magcloud.com/help/contact if they do not get back to you please let us know and we will contact them as well. 

There is a mistake on the credits for my pictures 

Oh no, so sorry about that. If you noticed before you bought a copy then let us know and we will fix it and upload a new file to magcloud so you can order the corrected one. If you noticed after you bought a copy, cancel your order on Magcloud immediately and let us know and we will fix it for you. If you noticed when your printed copy came in, we are so sorry but there is nothing we can do. We can not currently refund your order or send replacement copies. So please check to make sure your credits are right before ordering or immediately after on your digital copy. 

Why can't I order a printed copy to Russia?

We sell our Issues on Magcloud and they do not have a printing facility in Russia so unfortunatley they can not get copies to Russia. It would cost too much for us to ship them there ourselves. If anyone has an idea for us or lives in a surrounding country and would like to assist us in shipping printed copies then please let us know. At the time you may purchase a digital copy. Select a different country and purchase the digital copy like normal. You will be able to download it right after, so the country you selected does not matter.