Picture above by André Gonçalves

Submission Information 

Here is all the information you should need to successfully submit your work. If you are confused about anything or have any questions please check the FAQ then email submit@stubbornmagazine.com Once you are ready to submit, you may do so here.

We do not pay you to publish your work, and at the time we can not provide free copies of the magazines your work is in.

You may ask us for tear sheets once your work has been published and we will be happy to send them to you!  

To submit you need:

  • An email address you check frequently. 
  • Pictures that fit our current theme. 
  • The ownership or permission from the picture's owner to submit.
  • All the credits for the pictures ready.
  • Permission from the models to have their pictures published or their parent's permission if they are under 18.

The pictures MUST be: 

  • 300 DPI, at least 1000 pixels on the smallest side. 
  • Appropriate, nothing pornographic of course. The amount of nudity allowed is different per picture, feel free to email us if you aren't sure if your picture would be allowed. While we are all for #freethenipple, we have to censor the work we publish. Strategic blurs, props, or drawn shapes are a way to make your pictures more appropriate. 
  • Free of watermarks. 
  • Single pictures, we will not publish collages. 

We do not care:

  • If your work has already been published, online or printed. If it was in a different magazine make sure that you are allowed to publish your work in ours too, they may want your work to exclusively only be in theirs. 
  • How old the photographer is, we welcome photographers of all ages, of all backgrounds, from all over the world. 
  • If the pictures are a full series or separate pictures. Both are awesome! 

Once your work has been received, expect a response in the next week. We will send you an email if your work has been chosen for publication or not. If you haven't gotten a response feel free to email us at submit@stubbornmagazine.com Make sure to actually read the "Terms & Conditions" on the form. It's only a paragraph long. :)