Picture above by MKStallings Photography

Featured Artists

In every issue we have at least one featured artist. This artist is someone that we choose from submissions that we accepted 4-6 works from and has such intriguing work that we want our readers to know more about. This artist will have a page to talk about themselves. This includes their inspirations, tips for other artists, a favorite quote of theirs or maybe just an artist statement or bio. Sending us paragraphs about yourself will not increase the likelihood of you being chosen to be one of that issue's featured artist. It's purely based on how incredible your work is. Sometimes people are asked to be the featured artist and the tell us they don't want to be. That's okay and we will still publish their work they just don't get an additional page about them. So if you are very busy or don't know English well enough to write a couple paragraphs and we ask you to be a featured artist then let us know you would rather not be one and that's absolutely okay. 

Featured Artists can be photographers, painters, drawers, any kind of artist.


Featured Series

While your pictures you submit don't have to be in a series we love seeing series. They look better together in a magazine and usually show a story or convey a meaning more clearly. With a featured series  all (or some, if the series submitted is very large ) pictures from a series will be published along with a page about the series. This page can include a little about the artist behind it but mostly focuses on the series. It can talk about the meaning behind the series, the story it tells or the artist's experience creating the series. Sending us a short explanation about the meaning or story that goes with your series will increase the likelihood that we choose your series to be the featured series. 


Featured Model

Sometimes models submit to us which is great as long as we get the signature on the release form from the photographer behind the work they're in. If a lot of pictures this model submits goes a long with that issue's theme and are chosen to be published then that model may be asked to be the featured model. They would get a page to talk about their modeling history and what their goals are and tips for photographers for working with models. So models, feel free to submit too! Please do not sign for the artist behind the work or the pictures will be taken out of the magazine. 


Same thing above goes for make up artists and designers.