Picture above by Frank Diamond Photography 

Want to share your wisdom with the world? 

     In addition to inspiring our readers we would also love to help them learn, improve, and discover anything photography related. We are now accepting article submissions. These articles will be 1-2 pages ( 300-900 words) on various photography topics. This is perfect for people who already run a blog, or like to share tutorials. It's a chance to reach a new audience as well as promote your blog and art! This is open for anyone that wants to share what they have learned no matter their experience with writing, as we will work with them to perfect their article.  Some ideas for articles are below but feel free to reach out to us if there's anything else you would like to write about!

To submit you may either send us a finished article, or send us an idea for one and if we like it then you can write it and submit it when you're ready. To submit, just send your article to submit@stubbornmagazine.com there's no submission fee! 

  • Photoshop tips
  • Photoshop Actions - great way to promote your actions if you create and sell them!
  • Finding inspiration for art
  • Business of being an artist
  • Showing art in a gallery 
  • Creating a fashion editorial 
  • Writing about one's work 
  • Finding time to create
  • Finding Models 
  • Using art to make a change 
  • Creating Props
  • Showing your work
  • Tips for Self-portraits
  • Tips for underwater pictures
  • Editing skin